Expanding Activities

Once again, apologies for not posting that often, but 2013 was busier than 2012.

Music is back in the agenda, with a gig last june and, hopefully some more to come, for the band was really appreciated by the public.

As for work, looks like the efforts of the past 5 years are getting some nice results.

Along with the French news and, though quieter these days, the Spanish admin, Audiofanzine confirmed its confidence in my work and I am now in charge of the English news.

MixVibes expanded its international presence and, along with translating into Spanish iApps and software internal messages, presentation pages and announcements on a regular basis, MixVibes’ major apps and software are now available in Italian, German and Japanese, thanks to a great collaboration with other audio-dedicated translators.

A very pleasing surprise in July, when Fender called me for an urgent correction of  the second edition of the french Fender Magazine. The team at Fender France was not satisfied with the translation they had received and recalled, despite the issues I have had with the translation agency (still not solved), that I had worked on the first edition of the magazine. It took three very intense weeks of work with both Fender France (million thanks to Lionel) and Fender Europe (million thanks to Gareth), and the Magazine is now available in many guitar stores across France. The Fender team is absolutely delightful and it was a pleasure working with them directly.

And then August brought another great news, with high-end DSP processors and audio interfaces manufacturer Universal Audio choosing me for their french marketing e-mails. Our collaboration started right away with Darrin in California and has been very satisfactory for both of us since then.

It takes time and a lot of work and efforts to wash away doubt and uncertain future, gain confidence and expand business. And when one finally gets to choosing the clients they are working with, it’s the icing on the cake. From the very beginning I started this business I wanted to work for some great companies, I may have not managed to get them all but every new call I receive is a piece of the dream coming true.

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